Sunday, October 25, 2009

Taufu kang ptuiii

First time in my living i eated taufu kang.
I can truth tell you, i not like at all.

What so special ? Is like shark fin sup with no
fin but they putted taufu inside.

I so angry this restoran. I order normal thing like
pok and fish but they take many long time to cook.
I eat until boh song, all food also not nais until i
very angry i dont want taking piktar. Must not eated here!!!

Restaurant Happy Valley
N3 03.276 E101 27.936


St0rmFury said...

That does not even look edible.

Anonymous said...

Name very nais..Happy Hong Kong onli. Food look like stuff stuck in longkang.

Anonymous said...

look like some kind of radioactive waste glowing green

Anonymous said...

exactly like vomit things..yughh

Anonymous said...

eh brader... that taufu kang is famous la.. sharks fin soup memang look like tat wat.. wat u toking.. sommore never tell ppl the whole picture.. the place always full house thats y u have to wait so long.. tiu... btw, its Happy Village not Happy Valley..