Saturday, November 7, 2009

Black Canyon serve rock not food, fakkau u!

i bringed my cousin go eated the Black Canyon Cafe in Summit USJ. so they write there the steak got free sup so we ma order the steaks.

my cousin she order the chicken with gravy noddles, turn out is cantonis hor fun wif one piece of chicken brest on teh side.

i order the beef steak, arrive looks good... yummy

then i cutted the steak, i order medium well, came out super well. is so dry and hard!

no taste also the sos on top is for show, no tasty one. i eated few mouthful and surrender liao. fed up

then my cousin also try to cut the chicken brest, she say is hard like rock! at the end she left the whole piece. she given me a piece i try to eateding, felt like tasting the dried cardboard.

so i tell the kapten is no good, he say kitchen misunderstand , sorry. thats all.

then i say good, i also misunderstand on the bill. i pay u RM5 cos i dun understand wat u writing on the bill. then he show me cock face.

last last i pay rm53 for the above shit. i fakkau u , black canyon sucks!


Anonymous said...

Next time u see tis kind of gutter food restaurant dun show u engry. pay d bill smiling. After that tell captain u like d food and want to tapau 5 sets home. and tell u need to go ATM to take money and tell them to cook 1st coz urgent. Then no come back loh, I sure u be happy. I ve done that many times.

Ah Wok said...

i eated there 5 year ago but not have camera fon that time

Anonymous said...

black canyon usj is the bangla cooking wan. kenot make it !!!

Anonymous said... time i tell my cooker cook nicer