Saturday, November 21, 2009

Suckest roti

That day so hungry then went to a shop, not sell anything one, only got sell this roti, so i buy lor. I thought roti semua should have standard one, sure can eat one. But this one.... haihhhhhhhhh........

This got 3 flabour one, coklat, coffee & vanila. I eat the coklat one first, walao taste so bad, but i so hungry i just tahan this shit and i eat it.

Then i eat the kopi flabour one, walao this time i cannot tahan already, the kopi paste is so sticky really like shit, i koyak open the roti, see inside like that, really beh tahan already, i put it aside first.

I give it last chance, now i koyak open the vanila flabour one, aiyooooo.... why this yellow colour one, is this vanila or kaya? I taste abit, eeeyeeerrrrrr, taste like that dunno what medicine.

I surrender, i really cannot already, so i said bye bye to the roti and give them to tong sampah. This roti is so sucking, only for sucker eat one.


Anonymous said...

This roti make by 1 facory call Bee someting....Bee Lian..or whatever Bee. They got i oulet in the Curve selling many type roti and kueh...all taste shit. I one time buy cheese cake and i actually tase like real shit...i really mean real shit..i vomited.

Hangmen said...

I had this shit before. For some reason, everytime I bought their buns and rolls, it'll always have a rough, inedible texture drier than a Feminazi's vagina. And WTF their small as balls dorayaki cost RM1.50? A 60 sen bun from other brands has larger portion and taste much better! I'm sticking to Gardenia cuz' their superior shit is SO CASH.