Monday, November 23, 2009

Melaka is not for human eat

To find this restoran is very hard, is so small the
entrance and parking hard to find. Come here also
must go through many traffic jam. They is serving
here nyonya food. Melaka femes for this things.

This is first fail. Pontay chiken that tasting like
true shitbrix food. So weird tasting until dowan
to eat. Puuuuuui !

This one is the special sos chiken rice serve with
some melaka acar and vegetable. The chiken is
like not cooked, the vegetable is not have taste,
the rice is sticky sticky and the chiken can go to
hell !

My stewpik melaka fwen tell me this femes dish
is kenot find in KL. After i eat, i tell my fwen, if
KL got serving this, the place very soon is bankrap!

Melaka femes cendoi is oni can find at jonker,
not here. No nid me say anything else if not
i become angry.

This is nyonya laksa. I see oso i sked. The kaler
is so lemaky i sked eat then will shit liquid all day
long. I gerenti u this one u see one time enuf jor.

I dunno why this place got so many people come.
Issit they dunno what good nyonya food is ? Jonker
walk not far from here but the food much better. The
ais kacang and cendoi confirm you is many time better
than this place. KL nyonya restoran better than this
place ! No fight ah !

Donald & Lily's
N2 11.662 E102 14.812


Anonymous said...

Ya loh, Melaka food all can not eated. I one time go wan eat the famous chicken lice, near the bridge one leh. it was 11am and 100 people wait outside for seat. sudenly the boss closs the iron gate and let people wait outside under the sun. Naima, treat customer like beggar. If he is so good then open outlets like KFC lah,can make more money.No nid lan si lan yong.

Anonymous said...

u stupid dick.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the photos...i agree the pongteh chicken and the rojak dish look crappy...

True enough, I ate there before. But I disagree that the cendol there is worse than in Jonker street. (Disclaimer: I am Malaccan so my comments maybe one sided =p)

Ur comment about Nyonya food in Kl better than in Melaka...personal observation - you really don't know what nyonya food tastes like do you? Even Penang nyonya food better than KL!! (Again, read above disclaimer)

Anonymous said...

Cendol - Auntie Koh's @ Bukit Rambai. Try it. Go there around 11am ++ and queue up, finish around 1pm.
Or try out Sunday Ice @ Klebang.

Nyonya food mostly taste like shit unless it's home cook by original baba nyonya family!

Satay Celup? Dont go for Capitol, that's shitbrix. Go for Kingtu or Mc Quek's or Ban Lee Xiang.

Melaka Lang.

Anonymous said...

Kl food lots of mei-cheng
After eat very thirsty