Thursday, November 19, 2009

Puchong fail again

My fwen he go to recommending me eated at this
place called Ramai Food Kot. He say this place
more gooder than Everyday food kot. So i go to
try here for supper time.

I reaching here not anymore rain. So i sit down
table and ordering drinks. Then i walk to this stall
and order this Thai Hot Wok noddles. They give
me this 4 sos is got sugar, cili powders, sour sambal,
and fish kicap. Gimme sugar for wat ???
I know i finished liao because if this 4 sos come
before noddle is means is not nais liao.

This my noddle cost RM5. Is so salty u not wan
add the fish kicap anymore. I tasting sup 1 spoon
is drink 2 cup cina teh ais. That is how salty. My
fish kek is come direct from freezer. How i know?
Is when eat that time inside is still frozen. The 2 big
piece white karot, is too old to eated.

My friend he say must order this kungfu bak
kut teh. Wat kungfu got ? MSG and salt is many.
This no rice is RM8.50 and not for human eated
wan. This sup u drink 1 spoon u drink 1 cup 100 plus.
Not as bad as my thai noddle.

My other friend he come late so before he sit down
he also naik kereta go order KUNGFU BAK KUT TEH.
Too late la he no asking us. U go up car oredi what to
do. Kungfu bak kut teh earn another RM8.50.

If you come here to this food kot, make sure dont
go up car order thai hot wok noddle. Nothing thai
about it oso. And if you come here to shit brix and
want to lose hair, this is the right place.

Restaurant Ramai Food Center
N3 01.995 E101 36.897

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Anonymous said...

Thai ppl sure eated wif sugar wan la.

that one is standard stuffs in thailand.