Monday, November 23, 2009

Portugis food con people

Stall #1, u must remember kenot eated here. Is
place they con people. They serve portugis food
but nothing portugis about the food oso ! Oni
the price very portugis cos is expense like mad!
This is Sea terrace stall, my fren say is bestest
portugis food in melaka. Now i know melaka is
got no good food.

I order 2 plate fry rice to eat with my frens. Stupid
lady is deaf and dumb. I say i want 1 plate medium
fry rice dowan spicy and 1 plate medium fry rice
wan spicy.
She oni bring me 1 lousy plate fry rice that taste like
is from some rubbish bin.

Then she bring us 2 plate noddle. I no order noddle
so how come noddle can come.... sumore 2 plate ?
FuuuUuUUU i angry jor. Noddle is like fail hokkien
mee. Why i wan go melaka eated hokkien mee ?
I dowan say anything to lady cos i sked later she
puiiii into my food.

This here is kangkung belacan. Portugis people dunno
what is kangkung belacan so they is simply fry wan.
I regret order this.

This is they say special sweet sour crab. Taste like
fail singapore chili crab. Nothing portugis about this
crab other than price.

This is otak otak. As i know is not from muar cos
this otak otak is super salty. They use little bit of
fish and alot salt to make this. This one u eat
is confirm will lose many hairs and kidney got
stone. I eat 1/2 pis i drink 3 cup water.

I end up with expense dinner. Not even worth paying
kind of dinner. Summore this restoran menu got write
5 type of lala. But they no have lala. Kena con liao laaaa.

Portugis wat la, i shudda go jonker eated. Noddle also i
never order summore bring me 2 plate. Rice oso taste
like from 5 days ago cook one.

Crab is actually singapore  chili crab but they portugised it and call it sweet sour.
The kangkung belacan is make me dissapoints.
The otak otak is made from salt not fish.

This place is not for human eat!

Sea Terrace @ San Pedro Square
N2 10.990 E102 16.022


Anonymous said...

u eated at the wrong place noob. should be the outside stall parking lot there last shop. yr friend is as noob as u

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work..!
this blog will expose those fake recommendation by other food blog.

DeOngster said...

i personally find the best restaurant at Purtugese settlement is restaturant 88...

Look for Danny... say Desmond from KL intoduce.. they seriosuly have the best food...

may your next trip to the settlement bring joy!!


Anonymous said...

Agnes says you Gong Gong wan

cecilia said...

leng jai!

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fatboybakes said...

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