Monday, November 23, 2009

Latseiliama antarabangsa

This shop is femes from kampung baru in KL.
But now they open branch in kota damansara
there so i go eated bring my fren.
I sit down the waiter ask me standing go to the
counter because is self serbis. I hate self serbis ! I
see signboard and ordering this nasi lemak with
sambai sotong. Is really not nice coz this sotong is
more harder than rubber. And the sambai is got
1 kind of smell. And they no sissor to cut the sotong
into smaller for me. You think is my mouth so big
can one shot putted in the sotong ah ?

My fren he order he wan with fry ayam. I think
he go up car oredi cos when eated that time the
ayam got more bone than meats. I tell my fren
the ayam look sick cos is yellow kaler.

This our drinks. My fren taking the barli water
is can see many barli and ice and clear water. The
barli he say is instant make cos the barli still hard.
Mine is teh o ice but i drink is like kaler water. Not
have teh tasting.

This amazing bill is pay b4 u eat. Self serbis
then oni water they serbis you but then still
got serbis cas. Where cannnnnnn !!!

All the nasi lemak here is fail cos all is tasting
not nice. The rice many many give u, sambai
they give u little bits and they all cas u expense.
Look my plate is you think worth RM 7.90 for
this lousy food ? And you cas me serbis cas but
ask me stand and order and carry my own nasi
lemak to my table ?

I dowan come here oredi coz i eated
the nasi lemak i shit brix. I see bill also
i shit brix. i dowan to sila datang lagi.

Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa
Kota Damansara
N3 09.094 E101 35.557


Anonymous said...

sropoke. all hoomans know eat hamburgerz is cipper den dis!!

Anonymous said...

u said the drink was served by waiter/waitress to u after u self served urself? then correct lor coz ur drink cost rm6 and 5% of rm6 is rm0.3 rofl

Shafinaz said...
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