Monday, November 30, 2009

Puzzle : I am confused, a dog will also confuse eating there.

This place just got open a week ago. So me and my friend decided to eat there one. Looks so expensive one and high class so we go to ATM first for cucuk coz I afraid eating at hotel got hidden tax. This place is up on the hill in Kuching, Walk there also very hard. Why they built hotel up a hill? Pullman Hotel suppose to be like the best hotel in Kuching liao.

This place name Puzzle. Why ah? You wanna make people confuse what? You look at the name oredi Boh Song to you. This place so nice but name give people confuse. Even dog go there also confuse!

Then I go inside and sit down at the table. Got see the menu. So heavy one but inside so little food. Also see buffet no good also. Pay RM68 but food give to dog, dog don't want to eat liao. Better don't eat buffet. I choose ala-carte. But I see menu like 5 minute. I even raised my hand. No one come to me ask what i want to eat. I wait a bit. Flip around the 3 page menu. Even Tadika book is thicker than the menu! Wait a bit after 10 minute also no waiter come to ask. The place is empty. Maybe the worker asleep in the kitchen.

After that i decided to go. Maybe they think my face got problem one. My face no money one. So i go lah. Eat elsewhere! I'm happily spend eating at the next door hotel. Eat lamb chop. Pay RM94.45 also i don't mind.

Puzzle, Pullman Kuching
082 - 222 888


Anonymous said...

cibet place duwan do bisiness, sohai betoi. so finally everyones is puzzle cos no one ever try eateding the food before.

PullHai said...

Its just newly open sohai people die at there before somemore during construction also post a part-time job at Swinbird University saying they need to hire 50 waiters...Total phail HOTEL!!!

Anonymous said...

Last night got opening of new club there. Nobody come liao

Anonymous said...

puzzle how long this place can survive