Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fun Taipei not fun wan

Fun Taipei open shop in ss2. I owiz see got
many people so i thinking they must be spesial.

My gf go to order this spesial mee suah oyster.
It so spesial it got no taste. You see it like big bowl
but is spesial camera use to taking piktar make
the noddle look big. 3 year old children can finish
eated this. Spesial lehhhhh......

This one they cook is 5 minit, i wish they use
more than 5 minit. The cooker no put salt inside
so got no taste. FAIL !

I order this spesial minced pork rice. Again u see
the spesialness is the small size and little bit.
The cooker who cooking this no add salt into all
except for the mince meat. So i think when he
forget add salt into all, he one shot put all salt
into my meat. FuuuUUuuUUUuu !!!!
This also FAIL !

I got fren follow me go to here that night. He go
order spesial pok chop rice. Is actually spesial
fried flour with no pok chop. I think they fry
the flour forget put pok inside. I try 1 pis his
fry pok and i regret.

Also the cooker forget putting salt so he make
up for his wrong by put kicap on rice.

See my bill, nothing spesial. I wan tell the boss
you better open in taiwan not open here. Who
eat here is confirm shit brix.

I regret come here to have fun. I go home
hunger but since eated that spesial unsalt
food make me not want go round 2. And my
mango jus i forget take piktar is RM6 because
i order big. They oni put color but not have
mango taste. No fun at all la this place. Shit Brix!

Fun Taipei Tea Cafe
N3 07.099 E101 37.206


Anonymous said...

is it got to do with the show 'fun taiwan' by Janet Shia? Food no good nevermind, ask them to serve Janet Shia. I like....

Ah Mi said...

i see the vege already can feel it is tasteless.

Anonymous said...

looks bland

Anonymous said...

hahahahahahahahaha...bro, i stumbled upon your blog and i must say the angle and approach of your blogging is fuckin' hilarious and i applaud you.

shit brix!


Anonymous said...

Looks bland coz Taiwanese la. Taiwan food all shitbrix, almost all confirm not human eated one. Too many oil too few taste.