Monday, November 23, 2009

Pok noddle fail

Is near 10pm so many shop oredi kolos cos late.
So i go eated this place call Forum19.
I order this pok noddle mee hoon from this
aunty come from china wan. Oni speaking
mandarin. So i point her i wan this cos her
piktar at stall look nais.

Eeeyerrr where can eat wan. The sup is water
add with salt, the fish kek is not fresh cos i can
tasting the fish going to spoil. Then her pok
wantan is use the 10 skin to wrapping pok, So
very thick until i eat wantan skin oni and not tasting
the pok she put. Really thick la. So geli ler.
You see the sup kaler, i think she got put in some
kalering thing so that you will shit brix.

My kopi o so thick until i pee dat time is got

You come here, please no order the pok noddle.
If not u will shit brix after u eated it. Is best you
all no come here eated. I see not many people order
food but all watch the big skrin projektor.

Forum 19
Seksyen 19 PJ
N3 06.826 E101 37.646

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casey said...

omg is so hard to read ur blog man....