Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tea time no good here

In damansara jaya i go this cafe called
Papa's cafe. Only got 2 table people and
since i want drink teh eated light things i
stop here for while before go off working.

Waiter he come telling me this is spesial
inside menu and is hot selling thing femes.
Is bread with cheese and tuna.
I really regret order this hot selling femes
thing coz the cheese like burn, the bread so dry,
and the tuna is SOUR ! where got tuna sour wan.

My gf order this ham thing. Also u can see from
piktar the bread ...... is dry.

So i can confirm here is femes for dry bread.
If eated bread, you need order 2-3 tong of water
so the bread can go down neck if not will stuck
halfway and u is difficult breath.

Milo not help much unless u eated the ham, take the
bread and dip in milo.

Papa's Cafe
Damansara Jaya
N3 07.597 E101 36.990

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