Monday, October 12, 2009

Kwai Lam manyak Kwai!!!

I always heared people tell me the old subang airpok got nais seafood restoran to eated, so I go looked for one, and found dis Kwai Lam Seafood Restoran. I googled and finded the blogs say this one not bad, samore got foool haus during weekend... so it must be good right? we wented there one fine day then we ordered the dishes. You know...they has got NO SIHAM!!!!! NO LALA!!!! Sting Ray oso NO HAVE!!!!!! wat sort of chiplak resto-lan is this la?

nevermind, we go order..and here is what we orderinged:

The Yau Mak of Normalness

This one memang normal yaumak. What else can I write about this? It came first along wif the dish below:

The Prawn Paste of Crotch
Time of arrival: 8:07pm

What can i say about this? normal tasting, ok la.. its the first two dishes that kambing first. No rice somemore. So we have to eat the vege and this prawnpaste first like hungry cats. Good thing we has got one lenglui among us. So she kept us entertained by letting us look see look see at her pretty face. hehehe

The Chikan Fish
Time of arrival: 8:18pm

Yea... chickan fish. No sting ray. Only rekomen us the african fish or the chikan fish. Of coz we high class, we go order the chikan fish la... ngam mou? Like wat other choice we have? LOLz.. Tasted ok la.. we imagined it to be like stingray..and use the bone to sting sting ourself lo. sienz....

Next dishes!!!

The Cha-Chikan Of Angels
Time of arrival: 8:20pm

Sappose to be the signboard dish famous wan. Tasted like.. hmmm...chikan!!! ^_^

Flied Tongfun
Time of arrival: 8:20pm

One of the dishes that tasted liek normal. Yea...we wented all the way to Kampung subang to eated normal tasty dishes...and imagine it to be more than tasty. Right.

Horse Flied Clab of Hamsapness
Time of arrival: 8:39pm

Ya. After 19 minits of tokking koks among ourselves, this tuna-sing crab dish only cum. Tasted WORSE than the 8road restolan's hamsap crab ( ). After 19minits, our stomach oledi closed shop liao, waiting to go bangsai, then this dish only come. We waited like shit only. And crab oso not fresh!!! EEEYYYEEEEERRR!!!!

And finally....

Final bill: RM173

Yea..the mantits prawn is the prawn paste la.

Verdict: Fuuud sux.
Reason: Take too long to cum serve us. Place was like 30% foool oni. Even call them cum give bill also have to wait. Worse was, the toilet was right in the middle of the kitchen, and to go there u need to go in between one uncle their cooking. Yea, he cook beside the toilet oso. And when you peee, pee only on the piss drip down and splat back on yr toes..and u walk back to yr table with piss on toes..then step back into car. Wonderfoool right?
Conclusion: I no wan cum bek to dis sux place. PHAIL!!!! PTUI!!! PTUI!!!!PTUI!!!!!

Restolan Kwai Lam Seafood
Kg Baru Subang, Jln TUDM
GPS: N3 08.510 E101 32.234


Anonymous said...

this place sucks! all d sohai oni go eated tasteless crab, ma ka hai!

go so far to eated crap, i fakkau u!

Anonymous said...

Who told u de restoran Kwai Lam is veli good is veli kwai lan ar...

Anonymous said...

see d picture also know the food is gutter food. Now i applying Firefly pilot post, so next time if my plane enjin fail , i clash into tis restalant.

Anonymous said...

lama tak update la abang!
go update la!

St0rmFury said...

Dude, update please!

Anonymous said...

niasing Subang where got things for human to eated one

Anonymous said...

WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA one of the BESTEST blog i have ever read... *THUMBS UP*

Anonymous said...

MAKAHAI lu, u blink?