Thursday, May 20, 2010

Failed expensed chap fan

This shop sell everything. They sell chikin rice, duck rice,
chap fan, mee sup, wantanmee, pok noddle and more than
9000 thing. The problem is, what they selling here is all
not for human eated wan. You pay that time you is shitbrix.

I hungry so i bring my gf eated chap fan. Their chap fan
is got alot of thing, but the alot of thing is use same
ingredient cook. They use bake bean fry with egg, then
another dish is bake bean put sosej. Wah liau.

I eated here few time jor. Few time also i shitbrix. The
wantan mee is super not nice. They selling char siu rice
is not for human eated. Their pok noddle is super salty
with little bit pok. Their chap fan totally kenot eat and
then when i finishing my rice, i see that silver thing.
Some stupid bugger go put that silver thing inside my rice.
2 plate chap fan with 2 vegetable and 1 tofu is RM 6 per
plate. Vegetable price go up meh ? Tofu is expense food
meh ? Rice price go up meh ? No come here eated please.
Is really not for human eated.

Restaurant Venny
Opposite Lowyat plaza KL
N3 08.681 E101 42.586


Anonymous said...

the lowyat staff all eated here one.

now u know why the pc shop service so suck, everyday have to eat this crap.

Andrew said...

Eh, I was there before. the food was okay wor....

Anonymous said...

Not consistent wan la... sometimes ok, sometimes not ok, most times shitbrix and expense.

And the place stinks of longkang wan...

not for human eated here!!!


Anonymous said...

I came to this shop once to eat the chap was a disaster...not only the food is bad,but,the place as it is has a terrible smell.Its as if you feel like throwing up while eating with that stench of disaster flaring around...In summary...I Came...I Saw...I Ate...and never again would i come to this shop again....

Unknown said...

dont eat this shop la brader.. eat the one beside it one. the one on the right if u going into the shop. that one the wantan mee is bestest. on the left the chicken rice is bestest too