Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Gutterfood Goes International - Tokyo, Japan

Before I write further... let me lol first... HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA..... I lol because this ramen in Japan more sucks than Malaysia one. LOL

You see you thought is looks like delicious but please lah don't be cheated by the look....... this thing I tell you........ only the pork can eat, other things can go into tong sampah one.

The soup is super oily and superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr salty. I don't know is it they accidently tertumpah in all salt or what.

The noodle is fail noodle, it not taste like ramen , it taste like got many chemical inside, got abit bitter. Maggi mee is nicer than their mee, seriouzly!!!!

Do I need to tell you more????? You look at the soup, got many oil inside. I don't know, maybe the chef also spill the oil, so got many oil.

Omg...omg...omg..... even this ginger also is a fail. no ginger taste and it was super duper extremely salty... is it they accidently tuang in the salt again or the person who prepared this is really a hamsap???

Looks like the chef got many accident when preparing this ramen so make it a complete failure. Thought wanna eat better, so go to eat this 970yen (about RM30++) ramen but it very very disappointing me.

So I can conclude is expensive not mean good. cheap not mean no good. understand????????

Remember this shop!!!!!!! REMEMBERRRRRRRRRR.......... at Asakusa, Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan


Anonymous said...

i kelantan also never go before, dun say jepun

so u blog also no use i'll never know

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the information. I'll be going to Japan next week and hopefully i will not come across this place.

Anonymous said...


i let Japan PM know about dis.

Anonymous said...

japan food are all super duper salty la...