Monday, May 17, 2010

Tasteless Taiji Dim Sum @ Puchong

I wented to Bandar Puteri Puchong and saw opposite Axian got another dimsum, is call Taiji Eatery. So I go try for breakfast.

Chee Cheong Fun - Tasteless one. The chili also like crap and prawn is small and overcook.

Siu Mai and dunno wat mai - Also no tasty one, those coffee shop factory made one nicer.

3 dish plus one cold drink of herba, RM16. Chipette!!! Should gone eated McD better kanasai betul.

Food so crap still dare open opposite Axian? Sau Pei La Chippete!

Taiji Eateries Dim Sum
N3 01.347 E101 36.982


Anonymous said...

if you eat their loh mai kai, the first thing you would do after smelling it is dump it in the drain.

minchow said...

Hey you got any thoughts on Axian dimsum?? I went with such high expectations, but it was really unremarkable!

Anonymous said...

i eated axian b4. servis is bad, but food some of them is reasoning one. there are a lot more worse dim sum out there.