Thursday, May 13, 2010

The bestest chicken rice

Hello all peepur ! I finally got save some money to
buy my computer. So i wented to digital mall in the
seksyen 14 pj there for shopping. When i hunger i go
to the coffee shop is a house, is opposite the coffee ritual
there. Place so dirty and so hot.

I order chikin rice from this aunty stall.

You see the chikin rice, is best chikin rice in the world.
Is not for human eated wan. The rice no smell, the rice
so dry, the chikin so fail and the cili not for chikin
rice wan. Where got human eated this kind of chikin rice ?
How i regret eated here sooooo much.

Then my gf order the pok noddle and eated until left
back like that. Where got peepur serve pok noddle with
green cili ? The sup also is salt water and the pok ball is
super fails.

The chikin rice is not human eated, pok noddle also not
for human eated, everything inside there not for human
eated wan. Really regret eated there. Shitbrix like mad.

Dunno what name restaurant convert to house
Seksyen 14 pj
N3 06.621 E101 38.124


Anonymous said...

mangkok u now oni u know that chiken lice is shitbrix one ar?

i wented tried before also when i buy pC. the chiken super dry one. need soak 1 week in soup to make it eatedble.

Anonymous said...

pok noodle is serve with the pickled green chilli one lar.

which kampung u come from? no green chilli one ar?

Anonymous said...

i live nearby there and the food there sxxk big time... good thing you visit there and post something bout it....
heres my story : at the same place chicken stall is, night time got "Da Chao", me and my friend order fried rice and its like super fail till we cannot finish it... and the next thing me and my friend know is that we both sick and fever for A WEEK after eating that fried rice ....

and do not order the curry mee from the stall where got a sticker "Ho Ciak" that one, MSG gao gao only and price also tipu orang....

food can kill some1 , seriously ...

Anonymous said...

stupid anon, pork noodles are served with cili padi and not pickled green chillies you dumbass.

Anonymous said...

U two stupid anons, pork noodles are served with both cili padi and pickled cili mixed together. So eater can have choise. I am expert in pork noodles coz my great grandfather invented it. He started selling in PUDU back in 50s. The most famous ' sup yee gan jee yok fun' U ask yr father c I bluff u or not ?

Anonymous said...

Let me put money in yr pocket.
Pork noodles sellers all Hakka and can only be found in KL/PJ. If they don,t speak Hakka mean they fake type. D most original pork noodles cab be found at Taman Counaught conner shop, PJ old town,Entrepreuners park (kuchai lama) and Jalan Silang .
I almost got a degree in pork noodles. I challenge anyone know more bout this than me.

Anonymous said...

in b4 pork noodles are served with cili sauce

Anonymous said...

pork noodle are served with tomyum sauce. everyone noes tats, i almost got doctorate in pork noodles. I challenge anyone know more bout this than me.

cleverboy said...

i think pork noodle can eat with mustard sos too

Sammy said...

Pork noodles no halal...u eat and no go heaven. Why writer go eat i that shop ar? Better eat meleis food next to digital mall or go TGIF opposite. Long time ago the coffee shop really veli gud one..many ppl walk from Dutch Lady, Colgate come to ppl prefer eat in Jaya 33..