Sunday, December 12, 2010

Funky Villa eCurve omfgwtfbbq

Are you ready to shit brix at e-Curve? Funky Villa is a thai restoran next to McD. is suppose to be a bar/restoran and the song "Funky Town" is loop infitely on the stereo when no band is playing.

Ok food first.

this is the starter of mix grill stuff. quite tasteless but they give a ton of chili sos to dip so you dont taste the tasteless.

in the same starter got this pomelo thingy is dam 9 chat hot.
if u liked hot until anus terasa, u eated this. then got the black fish cake
look like stomp by gajah liao one.

this is the soft shell crap.

but worse of all is the LIVE BAND. the sound so LOUD
and the gal voice is SHIT BRIX TERUK !!!
is some thai gal kot. when she singing it so terribles
i can feel my two telur bergetarrrrr!!!!!!

cipet man faster eated paid and fark off to mcdonnet next door tapao fish bugger.

this is truly shit brix experience in surround sound with fiery anus.


PPKia said...

My grandpa is a fisherman. Whenever he catches soft sell crabs in his net, he throws them back into the sea. According to him, soft shell crab got no meat because just used all energy to shed/change shell.
Why you all city people go and eat oso I dunno. My friend say got many calcium. I say eat bone like dog more calcium.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha.. if you like alcium so much just go batu cave chip off some lime stones from there its full of calcium as well.. XD

Anonymous said...

the is the most awesomest of them all!!
"shit brix experience in surround sound with fiery anus"