Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Old Taste is definitely correct

Hi all gutterfood fan people, i Ah Wok is back jor. This time i
got go to this place called Old Taste Kopitiam in the Taman
Maluri KL to meet up 1 business people. So this time abit
not same becoz i not have bring my gf come. This place here
empty wan and since i not eated dinner so i order lor while wait
the business people come find me. First, there i order the drink
is call 3 layer tea. i ask kurang manis but the bangla i think not
clever listen to kurang manis. So i end up have order the skyjus.
Then i force myself drink the super sweet tea until can cham
with my skyjus.

Now for dinner i order their super femes sambal chau fan.
I can tell you is so femes that nobody know. I ask all my friend
they say no hear before. I go up car jor. My 3 layer tea come is
super manis, then now my sambal fry rice is come with no taste
other than stale oil taste. You look the pic you oredi will know.
I almost up car go order the roselle water you see at the paper.
Lucky i hear next table behind me say is like sirap ais without
the sirap taste. Only got smell. Oh my sambai chau fan really
got nothing wan. oni got few slice fishkek and some green round
thing. Haihz.

This dinner cost me quite alot coz i berak cair after this.
I suspek is the sambai not clean. Summoar i eated half oni.
If i finish all plate liddat i also dunno how. If really this is old
taste, then i happy i not live in olden days. Anyway i really
up car this one.

Old Taste
Taman Maluri KL
N3 07.686 E101 43.813


Anonymous said...

too many kopitiam

all simply open and serve crappy food

Anonymous said...

kuantan got no such place

Anonymous said...

shit i really don't believe anyone goes to eat here

chiewwl said...

Nowadays many ah pig ah dog learned some three leg cat kungfu also wanto open cafe. Many packing look nice, but food taste and bill like up car jor