Sunday, December 26, 2010

Room 18 gutter liao

I heard people said this restaurant the food is fail, but I no believe because I see the shop like very nice like that, so I go and try lor.

I eat this fried dumpling wanton mee, actually I not order this, I order is different, not this, but the waitress like very blur like that, she insist is this that I order, ok ok , she win all lah!

The fried dumplings are very salty, is it salt very cheap the chef wanna put so much wanna ham sei the customers is it??

Then the soup wanton mee, give so big bowl for what, because give people the mee so little. And the soup not nice because the kan shui taste very geng! Kan shui is the chemical they put in noodle to make the noodle more yellow and more tahan one, no good for health one I tell you. People come here pay double/triple than roadside stall, but still got taste the kan shui, how can?????????????

my friend said the fried rice no good wor, maybe fried til not even gua, you see still got white rice one.

After kutuk the rice and noodle, I want to say these custard buns are quite ok one. If I early know the noodle not nice, I go order all custard buns lor, no need waste money eat expensive wanton mee.

Room Eighteen
Midvalley Megamall


Michael Ch'ng said...

How much the wan tan mee?

Anonymous said...

this kind of place is expense and no good one, all going for this trendy restoran, blame the customer also.

Anonymous said...

There's a branch over at tropicana city mall but that also serves the same awful tasting wantanmee.

Anonymous said...

Please mind your English, the written English is so poor that I can barely understand the article