Friday, December 3, 2010

Strawberry Fields Cafe PJ State

A lot kids like to hang out here one. This is near the india cinema that used to be PJ State.

Kids nowadays love crappy food as long as can cuci mata see those young gal wear shorts and tight tops.

So I also go and try to cuci mata see some siham.

Oh my was i in for a cunnilary treat.

I order the fry mushroom. Taste like cardboard.

This is chiken maryland. no pisang. no sosej. just the maryland oni.
I starving liao so I manage to eated half before my stomach reject and i had to stop.

This is nice potato salad. the potato is dam hard i bet the knife they used to cut it blunt edi.
And the white goo is mayo+water. waffak man. this one is gooding to give ur enemy eated.

worse part is NO SIHAM! i wented that time dunno why very less gal in tight tops and short hot pants.

makahai waste my time i dulan went over pj de inn get some urut batin and settled.


Anonymous said...

I miss your post, pls post more often.

Anonymous said...

hahahahaa... he waste to much $$$ on useless tasteless waffak food already until went bankrupt so now he had to start saving bullets and go all out again eating and posting LOL. be patient.. XD

Anonymous said...

Your command of English is retarded. please stop blogging.

love gutterfood said...

to the 3rd post. That's what this blog is about. If you don't like it, STFU & GTFO. Thx

I love this blog bcoz of the author's way of commenting. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

To Anon Dec 6, 2010 11:14

it's the whole purpose of this blog lah. if you cant understand the local lingo & style of talking, then you are obviously a foreign retard..pls stop reading this blog. leave the rest of us to enjoy, will ya..?

Anonymous said...

dear gutterfood plz post moar!

Raju said...

The potato cum thing. I thought lastime we gaythering someone eated and shitbrix. Now you go shitbrix also. matlan.

Anonymous said...