Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lala Chong Ching Chong Ching Chong

Hi again all gutterfood readers. Ah Wok is back again with
anudder post. This one abit more femes place called Lala Chong.
Is in some kampung call kayu ara near damansara jaya there
wan and the road to go in is super the lousy. Many hole here
there until my car esobar oso can spoil wan.

This place really many people come wan. When many people come
mean got high chance no go up car so i no nid to sked so much.
Unfortunately, this is not the case here if not i not write this liao.

I order in total 7 thing. This is taufu kang. I posted before
long ago same dish i eated in klang where it look like some
radiated starch thing. Here no radiate but here they put
many salt. So many many until become like ham choy sup.

If you dun belip me, you see this my friend bowl. He add so
much vinegar until look like kicap. He say to kill salty taste
must add more vinegar if not later sure hair drop off alot,
FFFUUUU. Sure laosai wan him. HAAHHAAHA.

This here is deer meat in black pepper. Is another failed dish
that is soooo fail until you can go hospital wan. Why ? The deer
meat got freezer smell and also i think they use marjerin to fry
Come on la, use marjerin fry is bad for health wan you know.

This is lala chong most femes signature jiu pai dish. Is lala.
Here the taste ok-ok can pass. But problem is this plate is
RM 15. If i go elsewhere order same dish which is this superior
soup base siong thong lala for RM 15, i get more lala. And i also
get same taste. I dunno why people say fantastic, i eated this
at everywhere also almost taste same. Here they more expense
only. Why more expense ? Coz this is lala chong place ma.

The green vegetable i no complain also. Is choy sum. If choy sum
can fail means something wrong jor.

This next dish is fail. Is actually not deer meat coz the deer
meat i post liao. This is prawn. Is my RM 35 prawn. Look like
deer meat, taste like deer meat. I think they fry together to
save time wan. Also is got marjerin taste. And the prawn is
small. You see piktar you oredi can tell. Confirm you also this
prawn is not fresh wan. I wasted i should order the lai liu har
which i see swimming in the akuarium behind me. This is damn
expense and damn shitbrix. Look also dunno like what,
how to enjoy la ?

This one is another ultimate fail. Sweet sour crab. I got a few
compren this crab. Sweet also dun have, sour also dun have.
Crab is i think last month keep until now coz when eated that
time ah, the crab meat all stick to shell wan. Crab when u cook
fresh ah, easy to peel, 1 time all meat come out. This one very
mafan to eat. U peel the shell all stick so u kopek the shell out
bit by bit. Really make u work for your food. But the sos really
ah, aiyooooo i think i put maggi kicap also better taste than this.

This is super oily fry bun with plastik paper still stick at bottom.
If you dun belip me, next time u come here order this. Got plastik
stick at bottom of bun wan. See also sked, touch that time super
oily. Where got i wan eated this la. Summore dip with what wor ?
The crab sos ??? I DIP KICAP ALSO BETTER AH. But no, i value
my health so i no touch this plastik oily bun. I sked.

My bill. Very con job i tell you. Lala is expense, prawn is expense,
crab is quite normal price since here is pj but fuah, after cook and i
eated, is consider super expense. Deer meat and taufu kang is really

To cut short tl;dr version, the lala is not fantastic. My green vegetable
also is can eated. My deer meat is shitbrix, taufu kang is not for
human drink wan, crab is not for human eated wan, super oily plastik
bun is for play game wan and the prawn is go up car wan.
5 dish bad, 2 dish ok. Oh and you see my resit, i got no 2x titbit coz i early
early rejek say i dowan eat their kacang and mango. But they still charge
me. And then i oso dunno why i pay RM 16 tax money. And i also
no eated 4 rice. Only got 3 bowl. I lazy wan argue i pay and i curse
kau them instead coz kampung area better dun play play. After kenot
drive out i sked. Oh btw, my gf also no follow me here coz she go to
holiday eated singapore femes chiken rice which is also shud be in
this blog wan.

Lala Chong
Kampung Kayu Ara PJ
N3 07.446 E101 36.479


Anonymous said...

lala chong is so overrated. i dont know why so many flock there to eat crappy food.

fyi they used to serve with the thick shell and bigger lala, now i can see its the normal thin shell type.

Anonymous said...

why do u bother to write in english?

PPKia said...

As far as I am concerned, there is no good food in PJ area. All restaurants there open to cut throat.

Anonymous said...

this is malaysia local english.. when you lived in a multilanguage country .. oh yesss. your language will turn twisted somehow so dont be so bicker about other people's language and this blog is for those who enjoy reading it. if you dont understand or feel irritated then please leave this blog silently... XD

Anonymous said...

why your lala shell is thin ? i ate mine in subang airport lala chong the shell is thick.

Anonymous said...

gosh....eated???? multi-lingual country is true, Manglish is true also but eated??? I understand kiasu, ang mo, I understand pasar, pasar malam but not 'eated'! This is just way too far about localizing (local English, if that is what u referred as) or what so ever u may want to call. This definitely unacceptable way to "localize English" - there is not EATED such word!

Anonymous said...

the food in lala chong not everything nice, there are few dishes thats real good which u cant find it in any other places. price is overrated well that's true, but it's still worth going if u know what good food they have.

Anonymous said...

yes.. "eated" its an overrated past tense widely used by some people here.when our friend said local english,he meant everything was mixed up and twisted that includes grammar.not everyone is so lucky, highly educated and hardworking like you perfectionist.when each time you come across such people with these kind of language, you have to be more open minded and try to understand their background why this is happening.not just drop in and start shooting all your "BLAH BLAH THIS AND THAT NOT GOOD ENGLISH" i'm not good either..i got plenty of grammar mistakes as well.. but who cares..XD...this is not a professional article. it's here for fun and also to provide some information to everyone.as long as you understand and had fun then the message is delivered. if you are still SICKED by the language, then you can just go lived in England.however i do believed there are also some people not speaking perfect english in England as well. their english is perfect!!.. have fun all..

Anonymous said...

Hello, i dropped by to say that the english is simply hilarious. keep it up people and don't let your shit bricks deter you from posting.

Anonymous said...

nia sing i thought got comment on the food, mana tau debate on "eated"

lala chong sux! all herd mentality go there and claim its good, gosh u all nvr eated other place before kah????

Anonymous said...

Last week my college mates and i went to celebrate our christmas here. The road was awful and the wait time for food to be served was too fucking long. We also ordered the crab and it was cold. COLD CRAB is awful i tell ya

Anonymous said...

You wan lala go market buy and fry yourself la

Anonymous said...

lala is for steam, not for frying stupid

Anonymous said...

This is not a place to eat during weekends. No place to park car

Anonymous said...

is this the one near pantai seafood ?

Anonymous said...

Next time you come Ipoh to eat the best emperor lala. KL food all mostly conjob

Shafinaz said...

Stop bitching about the language, you idiots! It's purposely written that way, because it's fun to read it that way!! The blog isn't just about slamming restaurants, but the appeal is also in the writing style. If you get it, you'll get it. If you don't, just shut up and gtfo!!

Anonymous said...

Dear grammar nazi, if you wanna show off your excellent command of English, this is not the place. And please don't read this blog neither, it will burn your house, your dog, your eyes without any explicit warranty. In short, go Fuck yourself.