Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dark dark place eated what oso dunno

We is back ! We taking the many day away so can
come back fresh fresh write many thing for all you
to reading.

This is chinese restoran which i eated not too long
ago. All you must remember no come here.

This place inside shopping compreks is hard find
parking inside and outside. When go in must
careful coz they no money buy light. So if u no walk
properly is can easy fall down and "PK".

This place servis is bad. I wan self servis also they
no let and scold me. So must waited them free oni
they is come serbis u. Wa lau, this place is pratise you
patience. Make u wait long long.

And also ah, you order must checkin properly make
sure repeat 25 time. Coz i order same thing 20 time
and still can come wrong thing. I got order the pork
rib i think 10 time but still no come. So minimum is
must tell them 25 time i think.

I order many thing but not sure wat come. Coz is dark dark
inside. The pot u see up there in pikture is coz my camera
got flash. If no flash u see dark dark and not see pot. I
purposely put 1 pau yee there to tell you if you eated this
"hoi mei pou" for 10 ppl, u oni get that 1 small pau yee.
I ask around table and oni i get that.

The piktar up there, i dunno is what but i know is expense
and shitbrix. So not worth telling anything other than i kena

I order many thing, but is only come few thing and is
not what i order. My fish is fail, my pork no have come,
my vege is shitbrix, my dessert is sux and that plate is
something that i dunno. The portion is small but the price
is rocket high. The place is dark dark, kenot see shit, the
servis is bestest in the world where they no let you self
servis and u wait 10 minit for them bring u white rice and
20 minit for pour tea into your cup.

I hope they close shop soon. coz if eated here is will be
more hunger.

Reunion chinese restaurant
Bangsar Village 2
N3 07.810 E101 40.271

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fail Char Kuay Teow at Lot 10 Hutong

Lot 10 Hutong food court suppose to be mostly good food if not eatedble food.
So I go during lunchtime and trai Char Kuay Teow. This stall is the penang food one.

Fry liao look like this. I am feel funny ady. that is small prawn. okey never mind i dig in

Mana itu SIHAMMMM???
Mana itu LAP CHEONG???
Mana itu LARD???

I so bengang I eat few mouth I stop edi.

Non halal food court why the hell u leave out all this key item?

U all do business or just con job? NIA SING betul i waste my money and effort go there.

This CKT is cheat ppl one. If u read this still go eated, u r champion sohai #1.

Very fishy noddle

That day i wented here to eated fish head noddle.
Now is trend everywhere also got fish head noddle.
But here is different coz is inside gutterfood page.
So is confirm shitbrix.

This restoran wei yip my friend say is nice. Where
got nice ? The only nice thing i can say is this place
the plate and bowl still new.

First thing you see, is the expense price. Second
thing you see is Madam Lee just open. Third thing
you see is they logo is ugly.

This is the only thing that is edible. Problem is
i come here to eated good nice fish head noddle.
Not come here eat cili sos.

This one is my order. Expense fish paste noddle.
They fail many thing here. I know coz i is experts
in fish head noddle.

The sup base is heavy taste of milk. When you
many milk you must many ginger. This oredi is fail.
Then when you many fish paste, you must make
confirm the fish paste not 1 week old. If not is
will smell fishy. When smell fishy is will make whole
bowl soup smell and taste bad. This is my bad taste
bowl of fish head noddle. It make me shitbrix and
trouble my stomak.

This is my gf order. She not take milk so they not
add in. Problem is, when you not add in milk, you
must make soup for tasty. This one is taste like
skyjus except is hot. Dont have fish head taste and
no have kiamchai taste. Fail la. What taste also
dont have how to call as fish head noddle ?

I clever eated fish head until clean clean. But i also got
problem here coz before i eated, is oredi is clean clean.

The fish head noddle and fish paste noddle is i and
my gf share share. We both like the cili. And that all
we like. We no like the parking, we no like the sup
with or widout the milk, and we no like the fish paste
or the fish head coz fish paste not fresh and fish head
oni gimme bone nia. When you no generus the kiamchai
and u no generus the ginger, you soup is gone case.

Restaurant Wei Yip
Sunway Mas
N3.11990 E101.59935