Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sakae Sushi @ Sucker Sushi at Aeon Buki Tinggi

I am not d first person say this place sucking.

The kaiten belt very lesser variety one. I eated some the kaiten item, still o.k.

Then i order teppanyaki. It waiting like 20-25 mins to cook, and when it come its LUKEWARM, not even hot!

- Entire plate not hotting
- Fish and prawn mushy
- taugeh is like chopped up to small pcs

i so fedup these type of place man. how the hell do u fakkap such a simple thing like teppanyaki is totally beyonds me.

this place waiting to chap lap nia. Chiak Sai la!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Amburgerrrrr & Wootbeerrrrr

Many many year i not have eated A&W oredi. So
i passing by this new A&W in SS2 there go in with
my gf. I telling her this A&W is means Amburger &
Wootbeer. She not have belip me.

Order wootbeer but is come no gas like kosong.
I is drink color sugar water oni.

Then i order this new thing on menu call double
fortune burger. They is want make like Mcdonald
prosperity burger except this one is shitbrix food.
The burger you see is have no taste and not look
good. I have to use many paket cili sos so can have
taste. That why you see the pikture got many paket
of cili sos. They oredi know is i will need using it.

My gf order this coz she is sked cannot eated finish
and if cannot eated finish is let me scold.
They say is light snak for tea time and price is not
cheap. Here they generous give me many cili sos
until is like flood. So i no nid open cili sos pakets coz
they sked i no energy open becoz of my burger.

My gf regret order this, the bun is dry and taste
like is 5 day old. The sosej is cold not becoz of air
cond but is becoz of not fry properly. The cheese
they give 1 slice but not have taste. The sos they
give so many until eat need use 2 paket tisu paper.

I dowan come here anymore. This A&W not for
human eated wan. My double fortune burger is
not set order so is RM8.50 not yet have tax. Is
expense food. Really shitbrix food i tell you.

N3 07.155 E101 37.368

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Master Wei Dim Sum Puchong - Master Fail!

This place fail kaw kaw. Is Bandar Puteri Puchong opposite Hong Kee row of shops.
I wented there hoping new place is new taste, but is FAIL TASTE.

The outsite plastic table all uneven one.

Char Siew Pau - burnt taste
Har Kin - PLenty fuhchuk, less prawn
Porridge - salty!

this CCF i taste, the white roll texture is ok, but the moment i bitted the prawn, tukkau! overcook until like rubber.

This is the worsting one. Looks nice ya? I bit one mouth is raw one and overstarch! I complen twice those ppl buat tak tau, and when i call the bill i ask them pls remove the item cos i tulan liao. if raw, then at least tell me u replace or wat, one word nvr say also.

This shop is memang duwan do business one. Master Wei u SAU PEI la!

Master Wei Dim Sum
Bandar Puteri Puchong
N3 01.386 E101 36.964

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Eat at your own risk!

Many people like this place, but I don't care I just wanna gutter it because I am honest.

I checking the menu, checking for very long time, but don't know what to order because lunch is until 4pm, and dinner start from 5pm. We were there around 4pm++, so what can order leh???

Finally we ordered comes there fried udong, this one I not really have comment because is my fwen eating, i only took 1 to try I thought the noodle is taste of kicap and abit hard and not enough taste and just not enough good.

Spagetti come liao, looked nice, smell nice, but but but..... what is not nice??? It is toooooooo many cheeseeee, chef why u put so many cheeseeee, its too much make it very sticky and too creamy, make my mouth feel like full of oil, i cannot tahan.

I like to eat chicken wing so i thought i will like this mix platter. Then chomp! I bite the chicken wing, why I feel sticky sticky one? it is because the flour too thick liao, so the skin is crunchy but inside got flour that is lembik one. I has a sad.

Tesco brand fish nugget also win that orange colour fish nugget, taste no good one, fish nugget but taste not like fish.

This taufu I tell you, eat like that is ok one, but never never dip the sos that dunno made of what, they wasting ingredient only give that sos not nice, people don't eat one.

This is the killing one and this is also the one make me decided to gutter this.

The noodle is yellow noodle not nice one, pay more price for curry but they still give me this yellow noodle, so sad, and the soup got many many santan, too muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, already order so very sayang is no eat, then i eat abit.

Then...................after few hours I still feel stomach very not comfortable, i went to vomit out, it is the curry because too many santan cannot digest so I vomit all. The santan too geng already, too geng until i cannot tahan.

"Eat at your own risk!"

4HappySeasons Restaurant

No. 9, Jalan Wangsa Delima,
1A, Section 5, Wangsa Maju,
53300 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Gerentee shitbrix here

Today my gf and me go to dating in ss2 because is
got many thing there. So my gf say feel like eated
light thing and i bring her here.
I got regret go to there and now my gf not like me
so much anymore cos she saying i bring her eated
lousy porige. I not have class.

I order rice she order porridge. Both is come cold.
Porridge is not eated cold ! Rice oso is not eated
cold ! Bludyful them.
All thing i order is come cold. Rice also cold, this
lady finger come cold, my vegetarian siew ngor
is also come cold and very many oils. All thing
here is come cold because the restoran not have
money buy gas make fire.
Even the bean fish is tin food also is cold. Cheap
food also they can take selling become expense
food. They save money cooking so they serving
tin food. They save more money is because they
not have buy gas to warm the tin food for you.

This place not for human eat wan. This few thing is
cost me RM 33. You see the plate is empty empty
like that. The bangla serve me is make the tin foods
all over plate look like many but is illusion oni.

I tell lady boss, you cheat people. This tin food not
expense thing but you charge until people can vomit
blood. Is so little bit and not nice and is tin food and
you not have put fire make hot but serve cold. My gf
and me really eat till shitbrix jor. I hope they bankrap.

Restaurant Hong Lim Teowchew Porridge
N3 07.009 E101 37.368

Monday, December 7, 2009

Eeyerrrrrr look my rice

I wented to this place, the cooker come out to taking our order.
He highly recommend number 47. Crab meat fried egg rice.
So i and Ah Jek say okla since you say this
is top selling food here.

Do you got see crab meat ???
Menu there write crab meat, the cooker also say is crab meat,
i see this one look i know is not crab meat. IS CRAB STICK !
He engrish badder than me ! Fuuuuu nevermind.
You see is fried egg + crab stik + many sour tomato
sos. Tasting so horrible is not for human eat wan.

Ah Jek and me go up car jor. We order same thing
cos is the cooker rekomen. Eated halfway Ah Jek say
he wan go to home to shitbrix.

No come here. I payed RM 14 for that two plate
not nice, shit brix food. You not can find crab meat
here wan. Eeeyeerrr you see ! 2 plate same thing.
The cooker here not kiamsiap tomato sos that i
confirm but shit brixxxx laaaaaaa

Little B.U
The Strand Kota Damansara
N3 09.271 E101 35.556