Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hing Ket Seafood kampung Jawa

I read review got ppl say Hing Ket seafood nice.
So I try.

Nin nah beh after eated I wanna fakkau the sohai who say is nice.

1. Wait damn 9 long for the grill seafood. Other dish finished liao wait another 300 years.

2. Damn 9 hot. Nevermind I wear shorts and singlet nia. But damn 9 hot.

3. Seafood come liao. Nice? SAU PEI LA! Hakka say this is SI FUT!
- grill sotong reach us cold. waffak???
- grill ikan pari is overcook until like rubber liao.
- grill crab, no taste one.

Chipette la wait and sweat for this crap. But wait so long dy makan aje la but I tell u , tuna seng, I will not go back even if u pay me.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Why Esquire Kitchen like that wan ?

Ah Wok long time no go esquire kitchen eated so
1 day i decide bring my gf go there. I remember the
Damansara Jaya Esquire Kitchen is long time ago
so i go back that branch again lor with 2 more friend.

Ah Wok order 4 dish. All 4 failed jor. The piktar below
is my favorid last time. They call as "yee heong yuk si"
Now i no dare order coz it taste like.....(insert badword here)
See also no wan touch jor.

This also their special signature dish call "tung po yuk"
Now is their fail dish. This dish people use 90% soya
sos and 10% oil. They use 90% oil and 10% soya sos.
How to eated wor ? Summore i wan the sos dip with
the bread but then i dip is all oil. Ptuuuuuuuui !
Really you eat oredi this one confirm u end up at
toilet all day long.

Normally people eated this mantau is together with
the sos. But since got no sos i use this to soak up the
oil so i can eated with rice. I smart ! i order extra
mantau so can properly eated the sos.....which is not
alot left after i soak finish.

You come that time make sure no order their fry fish
in cili sos. The fish i think is oredi 2 year inside their
freezer. Can taste the unfreshness and after you eated
you can also taste what they keep inside the freezer.

Asparagus fry prawn also can go wrong. Why ? The
"lou soon" you see is soooooo old is got many fiber and
is not to be eated. The prawn i think also about 2 year
old keep inside same freezer as the fish coz it taste like
that fish.

This is my bill. 4 shitbrix dish for many money.
Confirm is not for human eated wan this place. Oh i
omos forgot to tell you sup is cold. They say
they double boil it but i think their boiler spoil jor. I
pay bill i complain and tell them but i think they
no understand and no care becoz the staff all there is
very old. If you no belip me you go there lor. All very
old people serve u food and you must not ask them
move so much coz u will sked them fall down.

Esquire Kitchen
Atria, Damansara Jaya
N3 07.669 E101 37.009

Riverview sifud is juz crap man

Last week my friend bring me to this place in Kuala Selangor
to eated some sifud. Is not very far but the road dark dark
no light. Is beside the river and he say the food here is bestest
because is cheap.

This restoran is full of fails. If i writed in this blog is means
is full of fails. All those good good one no need me writed in
here liao.

You see my bihun ? Is dryyyyyyy. He order lala fry bihun
which got no taste. Why ? Because the lala fry bihun is cip.
So they sell you cheap thing but not give u taste. Shitbrix
i tell you !

I order hong kong kailan. THIS IS NOT Hong Kong
KAILAN. Any blind fella also know what kailan look
like. I say i wan Hong Kong Kailan ching chau. Why
is my kailan become choy sum and why ching chau
is become with gravy and alot of pepper ????? All of
my friend know i oni eated kailan wan. No other vege.
The staff here either blind or no brain.

This is scallop. Is the bestest scallop in the world
because the scallop so small all cover with ginger
and pepper you eated that time also you dunno is
scallop. So i no call this scallop dish. I call this
the ginger and pepper dish coz i oni eated that.

This is bamboo lala or people call chuk tan. Is the
most unpopular dish here coz you eat oredi sure
confirm is shitbrix. I think got more shell than the
meat coz i and my friend oni got find 6 with lala.
The rest all is kosong wan. Kena go up car jor.

This is marmite sotong. You put 1 sotong into
mouth and you will spit out. No need me describe
anything else jor coz i put 1 inside mouth and i end
up at klinik liao.

This is our RM40 per kg crab. Nowaday can get 1kg
crab in pj area, why need to come here pay same price
for 1kg ??? Summore you all beside river no need lori
send the crab to pj also wan cas people expense ????
You see the color ? We order is butter crab. That look
more like shit color than butter color. The taste also
very weird. They add kari powder to make taste like
shit and look even more like shit. 1kg crab they give
many crab all small small crab. Why ? Coz the crab no
meat so they weigh that time is 1kg of shell and no
meat. Again here we go up car jor.

Our bill. I wish i can paying more so i get proper
food. Why i go so far to eated so lousy gutter food
when i can eated nearby ? Is coz Ah Wok friend
bring Ah Wok go up car.

Remember this shit restoran. Never ever come here !

Riverview Seafood Restaurant
Kuala Selangor
N3 20.889 E101 15.100