Saturday, November 7, 2015

Shogun Japanis Buffet One Utama - The foundation of upcar-ness

Da jia hao, i is Ah Kambing, i very long time no upcar already, maybe becos i got pray to guan yin ma, so i no upcar. But this time, i was forced upcar. Forced upcar ok, not i go upcar. So pilipala pilipala, i was forced to go lunchie in Shogun Japanis buffet at one utama shopping mall center.

I stepped in, i sit and i watch what the auntie took. I tell u what, this is very important when u eating in a buffet restaurant. U want to know what food is the best, u have to check with the auntie. But that time not many auntie, i was very hungry liao so i go pick the food.

This is salmon sashimi, i very like salmon sashimi. Ok la, the salmon sashimi still ok wan, but i very scare the sashimi got undead worm so i use my handphone torch light to scan scan to see if the salmon got any worm but lucky no have any worm so i kiap many and eat with wasabi. SHIOK

This is non smelly ham yu, in case you don't know cantonese, i let u know this is non smelly version of half dried salted fish. They were like sitting on their plate for daysss. I no dare to take because i saw my auntie friend make a puking face after she ate one of this hamyu.

This is squid sashimi, i first time see the squid sashimi in literally white color. Very white color liao weh, u cook liao or not i don't know but they also same like the hamyu, sitting on the plate very long liao so i also no pick.

This is half dried maguro sashimi. My friend very sakai like that, when he saw this maguro sashimi he very loud and say wui, got beef wui. I immediately give him facepalm. Wui sakai, you standing in front of a sashimi bar where got beef one.

This is the sushi bar, all the maki maki rice roll you can have there. All also very dry and not fresh ,  i don't why maybe i go for lunch buffet and these were the leftover of the night before.

This oyster i tell you, very strong oyster. You can smell the oyster smell from far far away. The oyster like frozen for thousand years and very busuk la weh. I don't know if the oysters kena froze and unfroze and froze and unfroze for thousand times or what la but the smell is like the giant longkang besides sunway putra mall lo. 

I saw buddha jump over the wall, i take a bowl because i want to have something hot. I stir stir i no see any buddha. Eh, you don't 38. We author in this blog are not all bodo crab and joker, ok. Except ah wok maybe? i don't know. Ok, i took a bowl of this buddha jump over the wall. Got abalone slices la, got many fried fish maw and sea cucumber. But the soup taste like the water use to wash off the oilyness of fried fish maw.

There is nothing i can eat i very beh tahan i very hungry so i go kiap those fresh ingredient and ask the abang to cook teppanyaki for me. Fuuu, i can confirm shogun and saisaki are brother and brother, they both use the same sweet sauce. You know why i know or not? It's because the sweet sauce is 4896 sweet. 

I took this from a pot called supreme clam soup. This is not clam soup la this is the water they use to wash off the sands or dirt from the clam la. The clams still got many sands and fishy smell. 

This is fried pumpkin prawn. The pumpkin taste like sweet potato, the whole thing very dry very floury, very weird taste. The sweet potato already dried and taste like 2 days ago mashed potato without gravy but the prawn is ok, still elastic.

I cincai eat till i half full i go up GSC cinema there get the waffle eat till full full. From now on, no one can force ah kambing to step in Shogun anymore. NO MORE.

Shogun Japanese Buffet Restaurant One Utama