Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Gutterfood Goes International - Tokyo, Japan

Before I write further... let me lol first... HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA..... I lol because this ramen in Japan more sucks than Malaysia one. LOL

You see you thought is looks like delicious but please lah don't be cheated by the look....... this thing I tell you........ only the pork can eat, other things can go into tong sampah one.

The soup is super oily and superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr salty. I don't know is it they accidently tertumpah in all salt or what.

The noodle is fail noodle, it not taste like ramen , it taste like got many chemical inside, got abit bitter. Maggi mee is nicer than their mee, seriouzly!!!!

Do I need to tell you more????? You look at the soup, got many oil inside. I don't know, maybe the chef also spill the oil, so got many oil.

Omg...omg...omg..... even this ginger also is a fail. no ginger taste and it was super duper extremely salty... is it they accidently tuang in the salt again or the person who prepared this is really a hamsap???

Looks like the chef got many accident when preparing this ramen so make it a complete failure. Thought wanna eat better, so go to eat this 970yen (about RM30++) ramen but it very very disappointing me.

So I can conclude is expensive not mean good. cheap not mean no good. understand????????

Remember this shop!!!!!!! REMEMBERRRRRRRRRR.......... at Asakusa, Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

C-Jade Express Mid Valley Fail Rice

Dinner time I go down eated, I gian rice so I order "Chicken and Mushroom Rice with Chinese Sosej".

Come liao, the thing look like dogs dinner. Wa lau eh, Rm13++ I think, get a dog dinner, kanasai la!

The chicken severely overcook and dam drying, and the sos not tasty also.

Nia seng I should wented Dragon-I the same dish taste >9000 time better.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Failed expensed chap fan

This shop sell everything. They sell chikin rice, duck rice,
chap fan, mee sup, wantanmee, pok noddle and more than
9000 thing. The problem is, what they selling here is all
not for human eated wan. You pay that time you is shitbrix.

I hungry so i bring my gf eated chap fan. Their chap fan
is got alot of thing, but the alot of thing is use same
ingredient cook. They use bake bean fry with egg, then
another dish is bake bean put sosej. Wah liau.

I eated here few time jor. Few time also i shitbrix. The
wantan mee is super not nice. They selling char siu rice
is not for human eated. Their pok noddle is super salty
with little bit pok. Their chap fan totally kenot eat and
then when i finishing my rice, i see that silver thing.
Some stupid bugger go put that silver thing inside my rice.
2 plate chap fan with 2 vegetable and 1 tofu is RM 6 per
plate. Vegetable price go up meh ? Tofu is expense food
meh ? Rice price go up meh ? No come here eated please.
Is really not for human eated.

Restaurant Venny
Opposite Lowyat plaza KL
N3 08.681 E101 42.586

Monday, May 17, 2010

Tasteless Taiji Dim Sum @ Puchong

I wented to Bandar Puteri Puchong and saw opposite Axian got another dimsum, is call Taiji Eatery. So I go try for breakfast.

Chee Cheong Fun - Tasteless one. The chili also like crap and prawn is small and overcook.

Siu Mai and dunno wat mai - Also no tasty one, those coffee shop factory made one nicer.

3 dish plus one cold drink of herba, RM16. Chipette!!! Should gone eated McD better kanasai betul.

Food so crap still dare open opposite Axian? Sau Pei La Chippete!

Taiji Eateries Dim Sum
N3 01.347 E101 36.982

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The bestest chicken rice

Hello all peepur ! I finally got save some money to
buy my computer. So i wented to digital mall in the
seksyen 14 pj there for shopping. When i hunger i go
to the coffee shop is a house, is opposite the coffee ritual
there. Place so dirty and so hot.

I order chikin rice from this aunty stall.

You see the chikin rice, is best chikin rice in the world.
Is not for human eated wan. The rice no smell, the rice
so dry, the chikin so fail and the cili not for chikin
rice wan. Where got human eated this kind of chikin rice ?
How i regret eated here sooooo much.

Then my gf order the pok noddle and eated until left
back like that. Where got peepur serve pok noddle with
green cili ? The sup also is salt water and the pok ball is
super fails.

The chikin rice is not human eated, pok noddle also not
for human eated, everything inside there not for human
eated wan. Really regret eated there. Shitbrix like mad.

Dunno what name restaurant convert to house
Seksyen 14 pj
N3 06.621 E101 38.124