Monday, September 28, 2009

Liwagugu laaaaaa

Last week i got go to sabah to holidays. So i eated here
cos i finish go to jungle with my gf. After walk is got feel
some hunger so must eated if not will pengsan.

My gf order chicken sup noddle. Is come cold. Where got
people eated sup noddle is cold wan ? You see the
fucuk ? That all I see. And my gf is order chicken sup
noddle. Not fucuk sup noddle. Where is chicken ?
Dig dig also dont have. Fuuuuu !
Tot is inside fucuk, but not have find any chicken there,
taufu pok oso got but empty not have chicken also.
Maybe is chicken already melt inside cold sup. Haihh.

I and my friend order same thing. We asking for yong chau
fry rice.

Why 2 is got come different ? Why his egg got extra thing ?
Why rice oso is different color ? Fuuuuuuuuuu !!!
I eated the more black black color coz i sked the no color one
is not fry enough. Both also is fail .

Because when walk jungle is got more hunger. So since
got holding spork and foon me and my gf share this
nasi lemak ayam. Again same no ayam. They give me
kuah kali but not have ayam. Why call this nasi lemak
ayam when got no ayam ????

I eat this thing all i shit brix la. I rather go to jungle
pluck thing to eat even more enjoy.

Liwagu Cafe
N6 00.636 E116 32.429

Thursday, September 17, 2009

oldtown knn you !

I bring my gf go to oldtown in klang cos i wan impressing
her that i has some money can go to high class places.
We just eated dinner not long but then got the gian want
eated the kari mee. So we order 1 so can romance
and we share share.
The kari noddle not have kari taste and things inside is
not freshed. How to eated like this ? So expense summore.
We not want wasting so have to finish eated lor.
After that we take out fon and surf net cos they got wifi.

My gf and i got berak cair non stop at tomoro. Confirm is that
kari noddle do this thing, Now my gf not have loving me more
but is loved me less cos i bring her eated shit brix kari noddle.

Oldtown White Coffee
N3 03.860 E101 26.201

Monday, September 14, 2009

Papa Rich but i not rich

my fwen drag me go yumcha so go Papa Rich. i seldom go the kopitiam one due to not tasty but nvm la... can see some gals wat.

so i ordere the spesial Herbal Tea with Honey, Ice. RM8.90.
is arrival and then i taste. waffak??? is taste like normal ice lemon tea oni!

then i eated the bread is serve with soem kaya on the side. niasing i also can make such item, the tasty not there also i dint even take photo cos waste my fon battery nia.

this papa rich is rich, i has a poor cos pay rm8.90 for ice lemon tea and sit outdoor. and no cun gals also only a few g-par. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Amuleto Mid Valley high class low tasty

i eated here for set lunch cos is reasoning price. but kanasai few time also kena char until no word say.

the place look is nais, can bring gal here play romatic, but i tell u is full of fail the moment u steps inside. everything is small portion with high price.

on net i ever read few g-par blog say nice dessert, talking cock. hey stupid gpar, u no pay of cos u tokok la. blardy expensive for that crap okey!!

fettucini carbonara is kids meal size. adult like me eat 2 plate also no full.

breaded chiken is no taste one. i also knoes how to make tasteless chiken la.

this is most fail of all. lamb chop is paper thin. i think i holds it up and spit also the saliva break through the lamb.

this place i no eated liao. after 2 time i go, i curse 9 them, now close for rentovate liao. i want warn all good people dont go there. only lying g-par will go.

Bell lunch at mid valley

one time i go the mid valley 3rd floor there has food court.
i see nice Bell (keling keling sound is make by Bell) stall and i order 2 veg and 1 chiken. this stall is next to the curry laska stall one which next to the chiken lice.

so the aneh tells me, rm9.50.
waffak? why all Bell food so expense one???

luckily i order one cup pink blossom jus and not so tulan dy...

old town kopitiam gip the A-cup experince

i love kopi. so i wented the old town kopitiam to eated.
so i be order the kopi ais. RM3.20. then it arrives and i see also tulan liao.

the cup so small! like A-cup oni!

the base of cup also damn thick. I sip 2 seconds no more liao.

this is smallest cup of ice kopi i has ever drinked before.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

San Francisco Steakhouse Mid Valleys

one day i boring so go mid valley dating. we all eated set lunch.

order some sup that dint look appetise also. i think one of them is corn the other is chowder.

the beef steak is look like come out from dogs dinner.

the pan fried dory look like fried by 3 year old kid.

so i curse the place now they are closed (for renotavion).
my date also duwan see me edi after that crap food. she say she so big girl never eat so crap food before. i has a sad liao, i really wanted her siham one.
if u strike lottery, can come here eated. or if u suddenly iq drop below 10 also can come here eated.

I get bluff hor hee noddle

I wented and camed back from ipoh trip only
to find out i go there not have eated the famus
hor hee noddle. When i got see this place and
signboard big big say hor hee i parking car and
got go to order coz i already hunger and thirst.

So i order famus ipoh hor hee noddle. Is people
got say this famus noddle is awesomeness but
when i order i see i already shitted brix.

Many people tell me is i get bluffed and not eated
the hor hee. Where can like this ? I tot that hor hee
but i not know until people tell me. And that noddle
so expense i pay and is not nais.
You see this place, please not go or u get bluffed.

Restaurant & Hotel Embassy
N04 35.471 E101 04.948

Kam Lun Tai aka Kam Lan Tai

This is KamLanTai Dim Sum at Sri Petaling.
walk in no one chap us. sendiri find table to sit and is at the side, damn blardy hot.

after long time oni got one pendatang come gip us menu for make order. so me and fren is order liao. wahlau, mostly food is RM6 - 8, waffak! i dint kjnow KAMLANTAI so expense liao, looks like a 2 dollar joint.

waited around 20 minutes, watch the waiter argue each other not doing work.

finally one lady from kichin brought us this.

See aslo no appetite to eat, like throw on plate one, wtf!

Then our chicken feet come. sejuk punya. new style.

RM7 for something most restoran is rm3-4 even fully aircon one. taste also below averages.

RM 8 for something very ordinare only.

The other few more i order never arrive, wait until tulan i leave.

This place servis is PURE GUTTER ! no waiter one. waffak also selv servis.

The place also damn hot, i see got two portable cooler they put on the other side, they save cost never on the main aircon.

And the price, is epic expense!
those four items above cost rm30.

i has be make award this KamLanTai, the seal of GUTTERFOOD!

Jui Moon Heen Dim Sum Bandar Puteri Puchong

I went eated to Jui Moon Heen restoran at bandar puteri puchong opposite the puteri mart one. last time my fwen is say, this place dimsum very good. so i wented. two weeks ago i eated, so so la. so i go agains this week.

the chee cheong fun prawn very small. like peanut size.
the soy sauce got herba taste one, weird. i eat one piece sked edi!

the chili oil is change to chili flake. dry and look like its for cooking and not for eated direct. i ask the lady she say this new style, wtf?

summore i so suay, order liao few more items and all also no taste or weird taste one. damn fail man!

eh, why my siu mai after eated the 2nd piece, got ADD INGEDIENT ONE???


u knoes, in fact the food was SOOO bad, i felt more appetise when i saw the tasty lipas there.

i never eated before so lousy foods! is not human eated one!i edi lost my apetite BEFORE i notis siu keong there lying next to the siu mai.

so i paid and left, and told them they damn terror. cos gip me the super experience of pure hardcore 100% GUTTERFOOD!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Cavell Western Food Restaurant, Sri Hartamas

So hor, you think sri hartamas is a high class area with many many guai lou and ang moh and korean around, that meaning the restoran will serving naise foods? wah sai kena rickroll.
I walked round and round searching high and low, shallow and dip for a naise western food restaurant and this particular one - Cavell got aunty standing there asking me to eated. I see she so damn cham no customer so i gip her face n try loh.

But leh, something happened and make me haz a sad. We sitting at one place, but she asking us to move our butt to the next table because saying we blocking other ppl walk. We not want but she asking her staff to move us. FFFFUUUUUUU.
That is where the bo song-ness start liao. The mushroom soup originally taste like no human eated one. but since we oledi bo song it became not cat eat one.

pic somewhat related

Wah, the spageti. The spageti i tell you don't pray pray. It is so salty until any alim person can become hamsap even with 1 mouthful. Danger. Don't eated if you are girl and go eated arone with a guy. Ah Kiang given you warning liao.

Then my argentina steak. I dunno why it is called argentina steak. Maybe the cook is from the argentina? or the beef is argentina came one. No care la. I no enjoice it because the argentina cook overfly the argentina beef until it hard like argentina rubber.
Then when i paying the bill i shit brix because it is so expense for lousy food. I tell you ah, ada wang also don't come here eated please. Simply because, Ah Kiang say no good means no good™.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Supper Everyday

After our nais eated dinner earlier at dis restoran, we head to supper. They say nais wan is the Everyday Foodcourt. Manyak people liao... got big projector screen on the Astro Wah Lai Toi. Very nais.

We sitted down to order drinks and food lo. Ah Tan and Ah Nong ordered the tofu special, one got cendol and sago inside wan, the other is called Michael Jackson tofu...FUUUUUU

I thot is all white wan, coz Michael Jackson is a white rait? (his face white, body white, hands white, legs white...must be white right?) but why got those BLACK BLACK stuff??? FFFFFUUUUUU.... I bang table asked why not all white? Ah Nong, my fwen always so wise, tell me, its because last time, long long time, MJ was a black guy..... WHOA!!!! HOW CAN!!!! ..... erm, can meh? I haz a fail liao!!!
The black stuff is cincau liao.

Then i order this Teh-Sea-Special. The black black stuff down there is gula melaka...veli sweet liao. I cucuk my straw in and suck...WAFAK!!!! I almost shit brix!!! Wanted complain waiter why so sweet??? Then my fwen Ah Nong (again, manyak smart) tell me, I must use straw to STIR FIRST!!!! brader, as if i know la... chew! I iz fail liao :-(

Nevermind, my other fwen, Ah Kiang, go order the famus Sarawak Hand Made Noodle.

Look so nais... but hor, the char siew is too hamsap la.. Too much salt i think
But Ah James ordered the same thing, maybe AhJames is not so hamsap, so kenot finded why AhKiang complain not nais. Strange.

Overall, dis place ok la. Haven tried all the food yet...shud be OK kua..

Everyday Food Court
N3 02.276 E101 37.097

Orgasmik Food of Fish and Clab!

Tonite we haz go eated in Puchong. I know Puchong got lots of sucky sucky food wan, but still wanna try lor, maybe not all food in Puchong so teruk rait?

So we goed to this place called Restoran 8Road, somewhere behind Restoran 100. Ok place la..we took outside table coz my fwens smoking *cough*. The teapot gived us also small, how can fit for 7 lengchai la..sigh.

So we order many dishes.. here i show you
This one is the OK Pork Ribs, got ketchup sos wan. Meat abit tuff la.. taste ok oni..

Next is the famous So-So-Farmer's Garden. Stir fly so fragant in garlic and kicap sos, pluck from someone's garden, looks veli green and nice. Taste, so so lo

This one, kengchao lo...its call the Nen Nen of Heavenly Nipple. Its actually tofu la.. but the flied garlic garnishing at the top make me stim liao, look liek big nen nen oni. But its firm yet soft in the inside. Manyak syoking stim liao.

Ok, next is dis Flied Stuff of Prawn. It don tasted liek plawn... got some butter taste.. soso la. Its dry also...i boh song. So i asked Ah Nong why so dry wan? he say "aiyo, so chai...sure dry la..dis wan is FLIED!!!!" WAFAK!!! CHew... i oso no la.. u think i iz kapitan dum dum meh...  the "see" looks like bulu, but my fwen tell me iz actually flied butter.. WHOA!!! si beh syok.... liao!

This is the Royal Mata Beliak Ikan. The fish is said to be so goose until the eye also terbeliak. Rumour has it that if people eated dis dish, his eyes also terbeliak (means veli goodla). But my eye oso seem ok je...

Wokay, now dis is the Black Sos of Porky Green Vege dish. Tasted like braised pork oni... smelled like braised pork, looked also like braised pork...but i not sure if its really braised pork? Somehow dis dish too confused me, i don liek. Sure fail wan.

One of my taiko, Ah Tan, liek crabs, so he order this mom-cooked style dish, famusly called the Ma Chou Hai (Mom's Flied Clab). We wanted to order the plain Fa Hai, or plain Chou Hai...but Ah Tan manyak yimchim, insist on the Mommy's best. APA LIAO!!! taste ok la..manyak hamsap coz Mom use hamdan to fly it.

The BILL. Total is RM184.00 for 7 lengchais. So far, i notchet shit brix la.. maybe of the chinapek tea we drinked? Helps the stomach less play drum.

Restoran 8Road
Puchong Jaya
N3 02.810 E101 37.357

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hot Pot Chiken

My friend say this place is veli good for people eated. But i go that time i not like this place because they is really not nais.

You got see chicken but i not have meat. Is give all bone and skin. How to eated full like this ?
Eated rice oni i am so surprising. This place not people eated one.

Not have any meat but is all cili and chiken bones. I oso can make this at home why i need coming here pay so expense ?

Restoran ChongQing Hot Pot Chicken
Kuchai Lama
N3 05.384 E101 41.232

I got eated at Venicia

I got this places eated but i not have the enjoys because is very expense place.
This pic is what left of my RM80 prawn. So small but so expense.

You see the oil also u will shit brix

Many many oil lehhhhh
is also mean they not kiamsiap oil. i got wishing they not kiamsiap prawn but i not have luck.

You see this sayur below is no one touching cos hard swallow.

Then is got kamheong lala but i think if i buy the lala from tesco is more fresh. This one not fresh. So better buy from tesco. Tesco got !

This place is i not want come anymore unless you like oil.

Bangsar Puteri Condominium
N3 08.520 E101 39.800