Friday, September 20, 2013

ahkiang upcar in meow meow land

Ni hao. Long time no see. gutterfood is back and ahkiang is feel funny with kuching food. most food cannot go one and they putted weird stuff to cook. ahkiang think very hard that kuching can fight puchong to be most not human eated place on earth.

this wan local special vege. call miding or mirin i dunno but you confirm see it every upcar place u go. is curly one like pubic hair that only grow on kuching hill. kuching ppl only know to cook it with sambal belacan but i don't see sambal also. i tell you this is con job.

the fish also big con. we choose left he give right. this is teo chew shitbrix knn style. i eated the fish is overcook to hell liao

i ask them what is their most special sotong. they tell me is gong pou stlye. ahkiang says it's laosai style™. kuching pepur pls climb down the tree come to west malaysia (the best malaysia) and see how ppl cook gong bou laaaaa.

the long siham really got siham smell. got weird juice inside n when you press press it with fork the juice picit out like squeeze pimple fuuuuuuuuuuuuu. you see got how many left??? that is after i feed the cat many many liao. the cat also know is fail 9 jor mia food and the poor pussy ran like got ghost chase

really jackpot of upcar. free laosai here if you cannot pangsai.