Monday, September 14, 2009

Amuleto Mid Valley high class low tasty

i eated here for set lunch cos is reasoning price. but kanasai few time also kena char until no word say.

the place look is nais, can bring gal here play romatic, but i tell u is full of fail the moment u steps inside. everything is small portion with high price.

on net i ever read few g-par blog say nice dessert, talking cock. hey stupid gpar, u no pay of cos u tokok la. blardy expensive for that crap okey!!

fettucini carbonara is kids meal size. adult like me eat 2 plate also no full.

breaded chiken is no taste one. i also knoes how to make tasteless chiken la.

this is most fail of all. lamb chop is paper thin. i think i holds it up and spit also the saliva break through the lamb.

this place i no eated liao. after 2 time i go, i curse 9 them, now close for rentovate liao. i want warn all good people dont go there. only lying g-par will go.


Ah Mi said...

so bad u still go there few times, u enjoice go there to see g-par iz it? hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa

Ah Soon said...

g-par is tasty and nais to be eated liao

ah kiang said...

wah ah cheok ur kungfu improve liao