Sunday, September 13, 2009

Kam Lun Tai aka Kam Lan Tai

This is KamLanTai Dim Sum at Sri Petaling.
walk in no one chap us. sendiri find table to sit and is at the side, damn blardy hot.

after long time oni got one pendatang come gip us menu for make order. so me and fren is order liao. wahlau, mostly food is RM6 - 8, waffak! i dint kjnow KAMLANTAI so expense liao, looks like a 2 dollar joint.

waited around 20 minutes, watch the waiter argue each other not doing work.

finally one lady from kichin brought us this.

See aslo no appetite to eat, like throw on plate one, wtf!

Then our chicken feet come. sejuk punya. new style.

RM7 for something most restoran is rm3-4 even fully aircon one. taste also below averages.

RM 8 for something very ordinare only.

The other few more i order never arrive, wait until tulan i leave.

This place servis is PURE GUTTER ! no waiter one. waffak also selv servis.

The place also damn hot, i see got two portable cooler they put on the other side, they save cost never on the main aircon.

And the price, is epic expense!
those four items above cost rm30.

i has be make award this KamLanTai, the seal of GUTTERFOOD!


Anonymous said...

eated kamlantai main blanch at chee cheong kai, also shit brick. But the boss is the chairman of malaisia rest. assoc, what kind of chairman, own rest. also taste like shit. wasted money advertise everday. Dun buy their moonkake also. The boss lun si lun yong.

Anonymous said...

nowaday you got handphone with camera. just take video clip send to the boss let him see his own proud restaurant became. i bet he dont even know whats happening inside the restaurant beside counting profits every month at home...