Sunday, September 6, 2009

Carrefour Also Got!!!

We always go eated in outside restolan, mamak, etc... do you know inside carrefour also got?

The other day i tried carrefour in SS15 food court liao, top floor wan.

The food so so liao. But big portion. Vege also not much, meat also like so soggy. Maybe is ppl buka puasa, sapu all the nais food.

Nevermind, i go ambik a soggy fish (real soggy..flied, but wet), long beans, chili potatoes, and some papadam. The plice was RM5.60. I oso ordered teh o ais limau for RM1.40.

The suk part is, the LICE!!! The dem lice is also soggy! Imagine u eated not lice, not pollidge,... waffak!!!
Too many water putted in liao

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Anonymous said...

omg dude..what the fuck is lice??/