Sunday, September 13, 2009

San Francisco Steakhouse Mid Valleys

one day i boring so go mid valley dating. we all eated set lunch.

order some sup that dint look appetise also. i think one of them is corn the other is chowder.

the beef steak is look like come out from dogs dinner.

the pan fried dory look like fried by 3 year old kid.

so i curse the place now they are closed (for renotavion).
my date also duwan see me edi after that crap food. she say she so big girl never eat so crap food before. i has a sad liao, i really wanted her siham one.
if u strike lottery, can come here eated. or if u suddenly iq drop below 10 also can come here eated.


Anonymous said...

hey i lead all aledi. veli funny la. hope u post more!!!!

DaY said...

the serving size is rather small compared to the ones in KLCC.

Anonymous said...

Berjaya outlets all lousy food one. that day duno why walk into starbuck at IOI mall, stand in frond counter 15min no one hiew me. Barista see me transparent. finally order 2 fuckpucino. cost $36. Coffee + ice + choc chip blend together and they call fuckpucino. Cheat kwailow ok lah, wanna cheat chinese man ah. $36 can eated tai chow oledi, tiger fucking, 1 time enough.

Anonymous said...

"i has a sad liao, i really wanted her siham one."

u made my day fren.u really made my day...