Monday, September 7, 2009

Kota Kamuning Ice Kacang

Tonite i eated at kota kamuning. Place iz quiet and nais, but not many wind. Dis place is called Sri Mayuri Mamak (Jee Pee Ass: N2 59.603 E101 31.821)

I haz mamaked with AhNong and AhJames. We all ordered Teh Oh Ice limau

But I smart. I go order ABC (air batu campur). The waiter so smart, ask me iz it Ais?  i oso bengang...then nod "yea"

So i waited till tulan. dunno wai....

So he cum and bringed the ABC to me...i syok..coz look nice. So i taste eated...

but taste so like tastedless. So i boh song, ask my fwens why so like that? They say the sugar is at bottom, must kacau wan... so i kacau but the isi isi kacang spill on table!!! WAFAK!

So i iz fail on dis place liao

Pic included too, (in b4 drill)


Anonymous said...

fuck u kota kemunting is best place for eat!

Anonymous said...

eateries in kota kemuning all close by midnite liao

so suck liao, liek no need do business.

Anonymous said...

midnite close shop? towkay go home to eat siham...!