Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Petaling Street FAIL Ikan Bakar

Many ppl saying this Ikan Bakar stall is the best in KL. But I am no agree with this. Because when I last went I shat brix eated the Portugese style baked fish with lala and siham. I blame my fwen for recommend me this.

I dunno why the lala water all went into the aluminium foil and contaminate the whole fish. Super no enjoice. So smelly and I take 1 spoon also cannot tahan already. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH.

And then the taste hor, is purely spicy only that can make someone constipate for 1 week to lao sai one hour later after eating it. Besides being spicy there's no other taste. It's too spicy until you don't feel like you is eating fish at all. You know? See the photo also no appetizer liao.

So please, do not bring your family and frens to Petaling Street to eat Ikan Bakar wokayyyy? Unless you got pang sai problem lah. Ah Kiang say no good means no good™


sam said...

i actually rike tis ikan bakar neh...will u look no up me?

i like the jiken wings and the ladyfinger

stinglay no rike - smelly

but got many siu keong running around

and waited veli long

D said...

face problem

i ate there before no problem, if u cant eat spicy food, next time go there order white rice

Anonymous said...

Iz not abt spicy, iz abt the fouly smell from lala not wash properly...

and no taste coz too spicy...flava also tarak...how liao?