Monday, September 14, 2009

old town kopitiam gip the A-cup experince

i love kopi. so i wented the old town kopitiam to eated.
so i be order the kopi ais. RM3.20. then it arrives and i see also tulan liao.

the cup so small! like A-cup oni!

the base of cup also damn thick. I sip 2 seconds no more liao.

this is smallest cup of ice kopi i has ever drinked before.


sam said...

i think so too

and their brown toast with kaya n butter...oso the thinnest toast i had b4

but i still go quite choice....fwen like to meet up there

ah kiang said...

oldtown cheating sial. cup small small and big bottom

St0rmFury said...

But they do serve some decent coffee though.

Marsha Maung said...

economy very bad kua. :-)

Anonymous said...

old town Kota Damansara is good. Toast is not flat, lots of butter and kaya, worth the Rm1.50 definitely.