Monday, September 28, 2009

Liwagugu laaaaaa

Last week i got go to sabah to holidays. So i eated here
cos i finish go to jungle with my gf. After walk is got feel
some hunger so must eated if not will pengsan.

My gf order chicken sup noddle. Is come cold. Where got
people eated sup noddle is cold wan ? You see the
fucuk ? That all I see. And my gf is order chicken sup
noddle. Not fucuk sup noddle. Where is chicken ?
Dig dig also dont have. Fuuuuu !
Tot is inside fucuk, but not have find any chicken there,
taufu pok oso got but empty not have chicken also.
Maybe is chicken already melt inside cold sup. Haihh.

I and my friend order same thing. We asking for yong chau
fry rice.

Why 2 is got come different ? Why his egg got extra thing ?
Why rice oso is different color ? Fuuuuuuuuuu !!!
I eated the more black black color coz i sked the no color one
is not fry enough. Both also is fail .

Because when walk jungle is got more hunger. So since
got holding spork and foon me and my gf share this
nasi lemak ayam. Again same no ayam. They give me
kuah kali but not have ayam. Why call this nasi lemak
ayam when got no ayam ????

I eat this thing all i shit brix la. I rather go to jungle
pluck thing to eat even more enjoy.

Liwagu Cafe
N6 00.636 E116 32.429


TaiLupChiong said...

D name is Liwagugu mah, u never know wat your order look like, thats the restaurant theme. They did make u wagugu dont they ?

J.Na said...

lol, never eated there b4. phail sabahan liao. but thx for guttered it so i dun eated at liwagugu liao.

Seany Wong said...

Very the gugu hor?

MYMAL said...

lol. They call that nasi lemak kuah kali ayam

Anonymous said...

If this is the Liwagu Restaurant in Kinabalu Park, just remember this - DON'T EVER EAT there!! Ever since it was privatised to Sutera Sanctuary Lodges, the quality of the food dropped like a tonne of steel! Back in 2007 & earlier, their "Nasi Goreng + Ayam Goreng" was super and so was their "Mee Goreng". But when we went there in 2008, we nearly rioted due to the crappy food and the snoobish attitude of the waiters.