Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Orgasmik Food of Fish and Clab!

Tonite we haz go eated in Puchong. I know Puchong got lots of sucky sucky food wan, but still wanna try lor, maybe not all food in Puchong so teruk rait?

So we goed to this place called Restoran 8Road, somewhere behind Restoran 100. Ok place la..we took outside table coz my fwens smoking *cough*. The teapot gived us also small, how can fit for 7 lengchai la..sigh.

So we order many dishes.. here i show you
This one is the OK Pork Ribs, got ketchup sos wan. Meat abit tuff la.. taste ok oni..

Next is the famous So-So-Farmer's Garden. Stir fly so fragant in garlic and kicap sos, pluck from someone's garden, looks veli green and nice. Taste, so so lo

This one, kengchao lo...its call the Nen Nen of Heavenly Nipple. Its actually tofu la.. but the flied garlic garnishing at the top make me stim liao, look liek big nen nen oni. But its firm yet soft in the inside. Manyak syoking stim liao.

Ok, next is dis Flied Stuff of Prawn. It don tasted liek plawn... got some butter taste.. soso la. Its dry also...i boh song. So i asked Ah Nong why so dry wan? he say "aiyo, so chai...sure dry la..dis wan is FLIED!!!!" WAFAK!!! CHew... i oso no la.. u think i iz kapitan dum dum meh...  the "see" looks like bulu, but my fwen tell me iz actually flied butter.. WHOA!!! si beh syok.... liao!

This is the Royal Mata Beliak Ikan. The fish is said to be so goose until the eye also terbeliak. Rumour has it that if people eated dis dish, his eyes also terbeliak (means veli goodla). But my eye oso seem ok je...

Wokay, now dis is the Black Sos of Porky Green Vege dish. Tasted like braised pork oni... smelled like braised pork, looked also like braised pork...but i not sure if its really braised pork? Somehow dis dish too confused me, i don liek. Sure fail wan.

One of my taiko, Ah Tan, liek crabs, so he order this mom-cooked style dish, famusly called the Ma Chou Hai (Mom's Flied Clab). We wanted to order the plain Fa Hai, or plain Chou Hai...but Ah Tan manyak yimchim, insist on the Mommy's best. APA LIAO!!! taste ok la..manyak hamsap coz Mom use hamdan to fly it.

The BILL. Total is RM184.00 for 7 lengchais. So far, i notchet shit brix la.. maybe of the chinapek tea we drinked? Helps the stomach less play drum.

Restoran 8Road
Puchong Jaya
N3 02.810 E101 37.357


Anonymous said...

shit.....! damn funny...!

btw, Ma Chou Hai (Mom's Flied Clab) = smelly pussy...

perhaps you could add extra blog post as reference for non-cantonese speaker.

gud job laa...! i like....! hahahaha! damn funny laa towkay..!

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Anonymous said...

you did not order their signature dish - curry fish head/seafood... big fail for you...