Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Supper Everyday

After our nais eated dinner earlier at dis restoran, we head to supper. They say nais wan is the Everyday Foodcourt. Manyak people liao... got big projector screen on the Astro Wah Lai Toi. Very nais.

We sitted down to order drinks and food lo. Ah Tan and Ah Nong ordered the tofu special, one got cendol and sago inside wan, the other is called Michael Jackson tofu...FUUUUUU

I thot is all white wan, coz Michael Jackson is a white rait? (his face white, body white, hands white, legs white...must be white right?) but why got those BLACK BLACK stuff??? FFFFFUUUUUU.... I bang table asked why not all white? Ah Nong, my fwen always so wise, tell me, its because last time, long long time, MJ was a black guy..... WHOA!!!! HOW CAN!!!! ..... erm, can meh? I haz a fail liao!!!
The black stuff is cincau liao.

Then i order this Teh-Sea-Special. The black black stuff down there is gula melaka...veli sweet liao. I cucuk my straw in and suck...WAFAK!!!! I almost shit brix!!! Wanted complain waiter why so sweet??? Then my fwen Ah Nong (again, manyak smart) tell me, I must use straw to STIR FIRST!!!! brader, as if i know la... chew! I iz fail liao :-(

Nevermind, my other fwen, Ah Kiang, go order the famus Sarawak Hand Made Noodle.

Look so nais... but hor, the char siew is too hamsap la.. Too much salt i think
But Ah James ordered the same thing, maybe AhJames is not so hamsap, so kenot finded why AhKiang complain not nais. Strange.

Overall, dis place ok la. Haven tried all the food yet...shud be OK kua..

Everyday Food Court
N3 02.276 E101 37.097

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Anonymous said...

if u comme back 2 puchong make sure u try Sarawak KanPua at 165 Cafe opposite Public Bank Puchong Jaya.

Kanpua Lover