Sunday, September 13, 2009

I get bluff hor hee noddle

I wented and camed back from ipoh trip only
to find out i go there not have eated the famus
hor hee noddle. When i got see this place and
signboard big big say hor hee i parking car and
got go to order coz i already hunger and thirst.

So i order famus ipoh hor hee noddle. Is people
got say this famus noddle is awesomeness but
when i order i see i already shitted brix.

Many people tell me is i get bluffed and not eated
the hor hee. Where can like this ? I tot that hor hee
but i not know until people tell me. And that noddle
so expense i pay and is not nais.
You see this place, please not go or u get bluffed.

Restaurant & Hotel Embassy
N04 35.471 E101 04.948


Ipoh Mali said...

I'm from Ipoh and this is not the famous Hor Hee place I know.

Anonymous said...

I'm Ipohan. This place is indeed famous for its hor hee. But the pic you posted here was more like a kai see hor fun (chicken shreaded noodles) to me???

Any chance you were ordering the wrong food??